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Bank of baharain and kuwait bsc has 1 branches in Ernakulam District of Kerala State.

Bank IFSC Code

Bank IFSC Code is essentially an online IFSC code finder that enlists the IFSC codes of around 133796 branches of 182 computerized banks. Apart from IFSC code, user can find micr code, address, contact number and name of the branch to facilitate the banking transaction easily.

What is IFSC Code (Indian Financial System Code)?

Indian Financial System Code, abbreviated as IFSC, is a simple 11-character long alphanumeric code that represents the branch in which destination account is maintained. All banks computerized in operations have ifsc codes for their branches. It enables the remitter to make an online money transfer in record minimal time with utmost accuracy. You can find IFSC code on bank’s cheque leaves and statements also, if you choose not to use an online IFSC code finder.

Why do you need to search IFSC code?

Indian Financial System Code is abbreviated as IFSC code and is required to identify the bank branch in which you want to park funds. If you want to participate in electronic ways of transferring money, like NEFT and RTGS, you need to mention the IFSC code of the destination branch of the payee account to accomplish the transaction.

Decoding the IFSC code

If the terms like State Bank ifsc code or Indian Bank IFSC code are confusing you, here is what these mean. As mentioned earlier, all bank IFSC codes are actually an 11 character long alphanumeric code. Here, the first four characters stand for bank’s name; the fifth character is set to ‘0’ by default and is reserved for future implications. And the last six numeric or alphabetic characters represent the specific branch of the bank. Isn’t it a sure-fire way of making the online fund transfer?

MICR code is meant for cheque transactions

We, at Bank IFSC code, have compiled the MICR codes of the branches also for your convenience. The full form of MICR is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It primarily authenticates the paper based transactions and provides faster way of reading and clearing the cheques. The MICR code normally appears at the bottom of the cheque leaf. It is analogous to an ifsc code used in online transfers.

What is RTGS?

RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. User requires IFSC codes to complete the RTGS transfer too. The minimum amount transferred through RTGS is Rs 2 Lacs. Thus, just by using IFSC code, you can send the money in bulk to the payee’s account in real time. It is one of the fastest ways of sending money. All you need is IFSC code finder to put the correct information during the transaction, and your transaction is completed in the nick of time.

So, next time when you want to make a payment to a Bank of Baroda account holder, just use Bank IFSC code and search Bank of Baroda IFSC code of the branch of the payee’s account and make the payment instantly. Likewise, you can transfer money to around 182 banks enlisted here. It is damn easy, accurate and pretty fast to use.